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WARNING THIS IS FOR CURRENT PLAYERS ONLY, anyone that is going to be playing this campagn is advised to stop reading at “Chapter 1”

As a first note I want everyone to know that this is my first campaign. It is not flowing with detail but most of it is done on note book and text docs rather then all being put here. Anyway I am going to use this wiki to give out info as my players learn it in the game so they can use it as a reference.

This will work in a “log book” way meaning that as my players learn these things I will note them by chapters. For anyone that is just looking for more detail on this game its self you can just msg me or E-mail me at

Chapter 1

SE Tattoo

Uerman Moveing

Boat Ban

Great War

Humans Dwarfs and Elves

Cave of challenges

The King

Allthat is uncovered at this time

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